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Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas

Well it's certainly been a very difficult year for us all and obviously, it goes without saying just how much we've missed performing live for you all, never again will we take what we do for granted and as each week passes it becomes evermore clearer just how lucky we were to be able to perform these amazing songs for you week in week out and we thank you all again for the love and support you've shown over the years.

Although the loss of work has been hard, as a band we have all been extremely lucky to have had family and friends to turn to during these dark days and we just continue to look forward to better times again and taking time to think of all those that have sadly lost loved ones, to those, we send our deepest thoughts, prayers and love to you all.

There have unfortunately also been countless sad stories from struggling live music venues, promoters and technical crew, many of whom depend on this time of the year to makes ends meet and who are not yet through the worse, we're with you all and hopefully, as soon as we get a green light we can together start to rebuild to get back to what we all love doing.

It does, however, seem there's a little light to be seen in 2021 a vaccination programme has now started and hopes are high for a gradual return to some sort of normality for the Spring. Enquiries for shows are coming in like never before and once we get the go-ahead, live concerts will be the greatest celebration of all but at this moment at this special time of year, we'd like to thank the NHS and all the frontline staff for all their continued care and love throughout, may it never be forgotten.

Have yourself a wonderful Christmas and we look forward like never before to seeing you all in 2021

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