Press Release - Barry Memo Arts Centre

To all our friends in and around Barry, due to terms and conditions that were to be retrospectively imposed on us by Theatre Promoters Sweeney Entertainments, conditions that would have ultimately restricted where and with whom we were able to perform with in the future, we had no alternative than to immediately cease all association with them and remove our show from their representation.


We had been due to perform at The Memo Arts Centre in Barry on Saturday the 26th of January 2019 and although we made immediate contact them and offered the show directly, enabling them to fulfil their obligations to you their customers, they were, apparently, contractually made to accept another Queen style show as a replacement without the opportunity to witness the standard of this show before promotion and sales continued.


Although assurances were given to us that all customers had been contacted by The Memo Arts Centre and offered a full refund Sweeney Entertainment were continuing to promote this replacement show using images of which we own and continue to use on a regular basis, breaching copyright law, it serves only to add confusion and a miss-representation of their replacement show, with fears they are using this to mislead and to capitalise on sales generated by the loyalty and goodwill of those who saw us at the this year’s  GlastonBarry Festival.


With those fears in mind and our unwillingness to allow the goodwill of those that have been so kind in supporting us in and around Barry we decided to simply take the show on the same date to The Paget Rooms in Penarth, allowing us to also lower the ticket price to £15, this action taken seems to have somewhat proved our point and done the trick with The Memo Arts Centre now cancelling the replacement show.


For those that have seen us before, you will know how much we love what we do and to the standard of which we present the show, nothing matters more than ensuring everyone that comes along has an amazing night celebrating the legacy of Freddie Mercury and QUEEN and would love you all to join us at The Paget Rooms of Penarth on Saturday the 26th of January 2019. Tickets are now on sale at :